An old Codger who started in wedding Photography in the 1950's at that time Photography was progressing from record keeping to what it is to-day, an art form.

If people wish to allow their photos to remain untouched by digital enhancements, that is their choice for they are the record keepers, mind you there are some pretty records around :-)

Those who enhance their work are the modern photographers.

Enhancement can make a good photo brilliant (handled correctly) However, you cannot make a bad photo good with enhancements, it only makes them worse.

As far back as the 50's, enhancements were in the vogue using darkroom techniques, I was using enlargers, smelly chemicals in the dark with inks for coloring, all types of filters on the enlarger I started seeing in infra red due to the red darkroom light (just kidding) then found it all non profitable so I got a real job. now years later I have met the digital revolution and computer programming, and even though it is still NON-Profitable I am revelling in it :-)

There are many photographers who have a better eye for a shot than me and I will always be trying to learn from them,

If you like my work and wish to use it please ask I won't bite.



IF YOU want to FAV MY PHOTO'S YOU MUST HAVE A PROFILE THAT IS at least FILLED IN, with a bit about yourself and some photo's and or photo sets of your own to share with the flickr community.

I get a little suspicious when people fav photo's and have no profile or photo's of their own. This will lead to being INSTANTLY BLOCKED by me!!**


I Am a Christian and I enjoy displaying God's Creation


Due to the nature of my photography, primarily Landscape,

My work is best viewed ON BLACK


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Anything and everything is possible.

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