4 decades over 18 &; 1/2 of an open couple just getting into digital photography. Comments and faves are welcome. Inviting photos into a group is welcome too as long as I am made a member of the group. All the good stuff is open to the public. Anything in Friends and Family or Private is just parked there either because I need to edit the photos - many are from prints or slides and have dust spots on them - or because they are what most people would think of as boring family photos. If I think it's of any interest to anyone I've made it public.


Any folks living in upstate NY who might want to get together for some in person fun and games (with pictures!) let me know and we can probably arrange it if we can verify that you're not a serial killer. Keep in mind that some of the photos on here are a few decades old and we don't look like that anymore. A kilo or two ( or more) here and that might be been accumulated over the years.


Also, I usually use the phone app, so I don't always see Flickr mail right away. I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose.

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