I am a professional Model Maker and live on the coast of Cardigan Bay in beautiful West Wales. I've been taking photographs for the past 45 years which has pretty much ran parallel with my love for all things aviation. I take pictures of most things but try as best I can to make it interesting, although I'm always learning the infinite possibilities of photography and always learning new things about aviation.


I have a special interest in US Naval aviation and also produce my own model aircraft in various large scales.


If that's not enough Aviation for one person I also pilot single engine light aircraft for fun.


I grew up near Edinburgh airport and the likes of Glasgow, Prestwick and RAF Leuchars were exotic day trips for a young photographer.


Whenever I travel I pack a camera. My photography is dominated by aviation related subjects, but I do other stuff too. Let me know what you think.


If you have a passion for aviation or aircraft modelling, please connect. I love to see and share aviation photography.

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