I love visual poems... the techniqe is ony a detal


As you may have guessed, photography gives me a lot of pleasure. What I love the most are the special magic moments just before taking a photo when I see something which I think makes a good frame. I just love the suspense and the excitement. That’s when I tell myself: “it’s going to be a great photo. Don’t screw it up”.


I like taking photos of nature, people and landscapes as much as the next guy. What I find the most rewarding is when I manage to capture something very unique, something which occurs once a century. This takes a lot of luck, but you’re more likely to be lucky if you look for luck.


I appreciate both the idea behind a photograph and how it’s put into practice. But no, I appreciate the idea more. I don’t like sharp photos inspired by blurred ideas. What really moves me are photos that make me give in to emotions while reading the visual poem inscribed into them.

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