... when I got my hands on a free DSLR in Dec '07, I was hooked. Photography is a hobby that I had to keep in check relative to all the other things my wife says I'm responsible for :P


Luckily, this hobby fits perfectly into our family's lifestyle. We like to go out & enjoy the outdoors while spending quality time together. The way I see it, our memories are the only things that will matter in the end. So I have this sense of urgency to preserve our family memories that will say, "We were here... once."


I own several DSLRs as well as a collection of 'analog devices', from my (late) dad's 35mm SLR to 30-year old TLRs (I have one that is older than I am) to cheap plastic toy cameras.


Thank you for visiting my stream and my profile. I hope to be exchanging comments with you soon!



365 | a year of living positively


The Bay Area


I'm Male & Taken with 2 Children & 4 dogs (3 chihuahuas, 1 schnauzer). I'm so lucky to have them & my wife as models for my hobby.


You can find my 'Explored' captures here and my blog here. My top 40 dopiaza set is here.

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