Surrey based portrait, landscape and wildlife photographer.


I love people, places and nature. I'm lucky to be able to travel and I take my camera with me when I go.


The pictures I take are not heavily manipulated - the odd tweak sometimes - cropping or a touch of levels for instance, but almost all of my work is very minimally changed after the event.


I am fan of stitching where it is appropriate and have fun with timelapse.


People fascinate me and the more I travel, the more amazed I am by what humans get up to, both good and bad. There is so much to see in a face.


Some of my wildlife pictures are taken in captivity - but this is always stated. Its much more fun and interesting to find something in the wild, but this is not always possible. I have mixed feelings about captivity - somtimes it is necessary and other times inappropriate. I am careful that the places I visit are there for conservation and education rather than just for gawping. Its the beauty of the animals I want to share.

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  • JoinedJune 2011
  • OccupationPart time photographer


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