Second attempt at displaying my snaps from Second Life and sometimes that weird old existence I wake up to most mornings. This time I will try to behave and not have over ten years of my snaps deleted and me a ban without notice because of someones objections to my depictions of a taboo subject in what is really a cartoon media.Been inworld for over 12 years and partnered to Woody Yue nee Misty for at least ten of those years and miss her so much.I seldom get time to enjoy my favorite life as I need to exist in the post Europe England and very afraid of what the future holds for mine and others species. if you are liking my snaps or believe in a way without war and greed and seperatism I love you if not go seek others streams to follow. its only make believe until it comes knocking at your door. Whats the fucking difference we're all gonna die.Hugs Ali,

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