I have been taking pictures with SLR's since 1981 when I was a high school yearbook photographer. I was also a yearbook & newspaper photographer in college. I was good at people shots and use of color, but definitely did not have an artistic side back then & just couldn't get those "great" b&w shots (even though I used b&w film most of the time).


Fast forward to a few years ago... my photo-bug was re-ignited by an older scout in the same troop as my son. This kid was good - he had a really sharp eye for the art side of photography.


I finally could afford a digital SLR & snapped up a Canon Rebel XTi right before Christmas 2006. I upgraded to a Canon 40D 18 months later since it had dust / weather seals (my cameras get used on camp outs & in the weather regularly), went to a Canon 7D a couple of years later, then to a 6D full frame a few years after that. I currently shoot primarily with a 6D mk II & the 6D, but I also have an 80D and a FujiFilm XT20 mirrorless.


I learned how to do the longer exposure shots in December 2008 & have had a blast taking night shots around town. I live & work in the greater Houston, Texas, area which gives me plenty to take pictures of. I have been shown more & more places to take pics at in the past months.


While I'm still fairly good at the people pics, I have gotten more & more into the artsy side and taking scenic shots.


I typically use a T3i or the 80D at work, but carry one of the 6D’s for fun stuff.

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