Don't Think - Just Feel


First of all: I don't care about awards here and I won't like or comment pictures just because it is wanted by a group owner. I like a clean comment section without these self-made awards. Thank you.


My photography is "all about women". So here is way more to feel than to think about. If you are interested in my "how to" or you are interested in a cooperation (as a model or photographer) just drop me a line. I don't hide any secrets and I will try to help wherever I can.


Even though I use full frame equipment from Sony I admire my Micro-Four-Thirds cams and lenses as well. I really think it's almost equal, what equipment you use as long as you know how to get the maximum out of it.


And now - have fun with my work and enjoy all the girls. Best wishes - Andreas-Joachim Lins

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You see one of Andreas´ photographs and it always causes this "that´s the picture you wish you shot" effect. Extraordinary beautiful women, perfect lighting and toning; sharp as a tack and soft at the same time - always with that bit of melancholy that makes Andreas´ portraits perfect, in my view.

December 15, 2017