Thank you for taking a look at my profile and my photos.


Lately, I'm primarily engaged in the 100 Strangers Project (in short: shooting 100 or more complete strangers after asking them), so you'll find a lot of portraits in my recent photos. It's a tremendous experience and I'm really enjoying it. You'll find more information on the group page.


In case you enjoy handing out awards, please don't do so here; I'd much more appreciate your thoughts. This includes criticism, so please feel free to speak your mind.


I don't "do" groups anymore, except for the 100 Strangers Group that I administer and a few other groups that I like to check out every now and then. While I'm ok with invitations to groups it's likely I will not accept them - that's no offense.


Some of my photos are available under creative commons licenses (by-nc-nd); if you use them, please drop me a message and provide a link to my flickr-site (


For other purposes, please contact me via e-mail: (at)


Blog (German only):


Le Thillot, France

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