I'm working on a book tentatively titled 'Rheinmaidens and Rusalka'.

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What a lovely gallery of tasteful photos of exquisite women and mermaids. Exploring it is an incredible trip in the worlds of underwater dreams. Thank you so much for sharing your Art!

March 2, 2020

de M A G N I F I Q U E S clichés j'adore ! bravo a vous et vos modèles !!

September 3, 2019

WOW, your most recent underwater series is fantastic. I have tried taking such photos myself, so I KNOW how hard it is, and your are far superior to anything I ever managed! Thanks for sharing them.

May 17, 2019
common manner (deleted)

Alberich's vision is a unique gift. Some photographers challenge the horizons of the craft and become pioneers and it is in this category that his body of his work must be viewed. It is sensual and alluring without sacrificing the technical competence and visual creativity which is the hallmark of excellence.

January 2, 2006