My name is Alejandro Tello. Beside my profession as a Hydrogeologist, I work for myself creating digital artwork.


I've been doing photography since several years ago, although it was not until this last year when I decided to begin sharing in Flickr those bits of reality that I could go collecting along my travels around the world. I find it interesting to share my work with people of every part of the world and to learn from other professionals involved in this digital platform.


I preferably inclined by street photography, b&w, as well as nature, landscapes or experimental photography.


One of the most important things I've learned along my experience as a photographer is that cameras mean absolutely nothing, it's us the photographers who create the magic, so let's go to create magic.

Please don't use my images in blogs or any other media without my permission!


If you want prints or use any of my pictures, please contact me:


Portrait by Alejandro Tello Mtz


A city heaven by Alejandro Tello Mtz


Musician by Alejandro Tello Mtz


Ghost Mac by Alejandro Tello Mtz

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