Photographer by passion and completely self-taught, he improved his photographic techniques and development by working in the field . Ever since he was introduced to photography, his interest has grown progressively over time. However, his true passion blossomed when the digital switchover made him discover new methods to renovate his artistic expression.

The combination of his love for photography with the impulse for travelling directs him to choose landscapes and urban photography, focusing preferably on details. In fact, the images frozen by his lens are manifold ( flowers , airplanes, sports action etc.) and absolutely perceived from an artistic outlook. He likes to test his creativity by fixing in a shot details which are not immediately apparent but , if isolated from the context, will reveal a hidden dimension. This is what gives him the ability to add to his artistic personality that bit of a more ‘ sought after’ effect. By visiting his gallery into the site (, you can find out more about the artistic path that led him to work with major companies such as Getty Images.


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Your photos are incredible. I enjoy them. I'd like to take photos like you. :-D

July 13, 2018

Très belle galerie, un vrai moment de plaisir que de la découvrir !

February 17, 2018

Always such amazing photos!! It's always an absolute pleasure to visit your photostream :-)

July 4, 2014

Amazing Pictures!

January 4, 2014