I’m Alex, a self-taught photographer from Nottingham; I cannot exactly remember how I got in to photography but I know I’m now addicted to it! I enjoy photography because there is the constant challenge to improve, such as looking for a new angle or technique and striving to get that magic moment within a shot. Whether it is getting that fleeting rainbow, capturing the sun as it rises above the horizon, or catching that massive wave just before you run for cover!!


I find that I am drawn to landscapes and seascapes; pretty much if there are rocks and water I’m a happy man! I also favour sunrise and sunset shots (minus having to get out of bed early). For me it is all about seeing things in a light that people don’t usually see and the feeling of standing on a hill or a rock whilst everything is calm and quiet, and capturing the first glimpse of sun above the horizon. I also love taking whatever subject I am shooting out of the context of its usual environment. I want people to think, “I walk past that every day and never knew it could look like that!”


I would consider myself more of a travel photographer as I find it easiest to balance photography with family when on holiday than trying to balance photography, work and family when at home. I take my camera everywhere and I am quite lucky that I get to travel often; whether it’s with work, family or dedicated trips just for photography.


I am also lucky that my in-laws live in Florida, which means that the Tampa Bay area is practically my second home. Apart from the amazing beaches Florida is not an easy place to photograph, but that’s what keeps me going, striving to capture what others don’t see and it gives me a great opportunity to get shots that others don’t have.

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