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USE: Please credit me and do not alter photos. If you would like a larger size, print or photo contact me.




I am looking for jobs writing reviews and features or an artist assistant position..

I am also available for event, promotional, and journalistic photography.


Contact me for rates.


I hope to soon do studio work and start expanding and learning more.- Critiques, shooting buddies, travel partners and mentors are welcome!




January 2009-current: www.venuszine.com/

October 2008-Current: vaudezilla.com(burlesque

August 2008-current: www.mizzchicago.com

July 2008-current: Nightspots



Thresholds 2006 and 2007

DePaulia 2006-2008

Chicago unzipped- 2008

Chicago Onion AV club




-Triton art show- spring 2005

-Guerin 2005-2006

-Darkroom - March 2008

-Far From Home- June 2008

-@ DePaul University Art Museum- May 2008

-Chicago artist month at Center on Halsted- 10.2008

-YPA Co-Prosperity Sphere- Jan 2009

-Bismarck Downtown Artist Co-op 2018


Freelance and Bands:

Suicide girls

Monica Karpuk

Undeclared (band)

Still Not Sexy

Capital Eye

A Common Enemy

Acey Slade/ Trashlight vision

Serj. T.- WB records

Jam promotional materials

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