Ali is an ardent fan of photography who is pleased to share some of his photos with you. I have a Nikon D5300 camera, and on the premise that quality varies as the price does, I may need to buy a more expensive one, although I am not a person who knows the the price of everything but the value of nothing, as I still have my first camera and it is so valuable to me.


I was struck with the passion of photography since childhood. I have always loved to hoard the moments, and later go back into the time vortex, and ruminate on the life. In my opinion, photography is a form of art. Photos can reveal the hidden nondescript beauty of the world, and I like to feel this beauty. But they can also show the other invisible side, the latent negativity, the specious gloss that even might be trying to wheedle the naked eye. However, the ruse might seem a ludicrous entreaty to the sage.


I have both artistic and documentary approaches. In retrospect, I can see improvement in my photos, although I still need and like to learn a lot more things. I have a long way to go. One of my interests is taking photos of the new places that I visit, and I love to see the photos of any part of this sumptuous planet. Every person can express his or her feelings and thoughts through photography. Here on Flickr there are so many creative and talented people that share their photos. This is a good chance to see photos through the eyes of my venerable photographer friends from all around the world.


I am eager to watch your photos, in any break during the day, on my mobile or laptop, and develop our acquaintances and friendships. I like cameras, I like to drink tea during the day, and I love animals, nature, and cities. Finally, please do not use my photos without my explicit written permission.


Thanks for visiting.

Have a great day!

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