A home for mainly personal imagery, mostly nudes, where I have gained the trust of models by showing what I can do working with limited resources, ie myself. Nude self portraiture is something I've been playing with on and off to form of a body of art covering over 33 years, forming most of the images here.


I have discovered that many of my images have a homoerotic appeal, despite my underlying heterosexuality. I am not at all troubled who enjoys my images and I am simply happy that they are appreciated. I also find this amusing for when in what was my prime many years ago, hurtfully described as 'asexual', I would have loved that anybody found me attractive. They no doubt did but with male stereotypes then I could not recognise it. Despite the obvious vanity I now celebrate my late flowering.


I'm not high minded about my images and I welcome the use of intelligent humour in comments. However, please do not post awards, tacky icons or crude comments into my content - sorry, they will be deleted.


All the images here are my creations, my copyright, although there are a few images of me by others shown with their kind permission. None of these photos may be reproduced and/or used in any form without my permission. But please don't let this stop you from asking nicely.

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