Hello from a life-long aviation enthusiast and photographer based in the UK Midlands.


This all started out for me as "plane spotting", cycling to the local airport fifteen miles away during school holidays - yes, I was a lot fitter back then! Having started work, one of my first purchases with my new-found wealth was a camera - a Praktica MTL-3 - which came with a 50mm F2.8 screw mount lens. I remember my parents disapproving of me spending so much money - £50 - on what they thought was a waste, especially when I'd said I was going to buy a Zenith costing only £35! I also bought a 200mm fixed focal length lens that I swear took softer pictures than I would have obtained had I painted the sides of a milk bottle black and I taped it to the front of the camera. Ah well - you live and learn and back then I had no idea how engrossed I'd get in this photography thing! Anyway, I took the Praktica and the milk bottle to a few airshows and airports in a plastic supermarket carrier bag, and I started taking a few photos.


A couple of years later, having spent more of my seemingly excessive "wealth" on drinking, a hi-fi, a TV, a car and various other gadgets, photography's turn came around again and it was out the the Praktica, in with a Canon AE-1. And that was that - Canon has received a significant amounts of my income on regular occasions ever since... First it was Kodachrome 64 film, more recently its been Compact Flash - AE-1, T-90, EOS-650, EOS-3, EOS-5, D60, 20D, 1DMkIII, 1DMkIV... I've also invested in few better lenses over the years too - some of the more recent ones are grey on the outside. Still, you get to a level with kit where you're comfortable with what you've got and you know it works. I did anyway; I don't lust over new gear now and I don't buy the camera magazines anymore like I used to.


Its still mainly aeroplanes for me though - yes, sad really, its over thirty years now and the genre hasn't changed even if the individual subjects have. I still get a kick of being out there, photographing something different or new, going to new airports or airfields, and getting a picture that really generates attention and interest. Working in the airline industry for many years helped, and my flying as a private pilot (yes, another expensive hobby!!!) has brought about an airbourne aspect to my aviation photography. I now love photographing subjects from the air - air-to-air, or air-to-ground.


Having ditched the major aviation photo sites a few years ago, I needed a portfolio of my work - hence this website. I also like writing (yes, really!), and I've slowly been increasing the amount of written material I produce to compliment the photography. In the past I did pieces for magazines including Airliner World, Aviation News and Flyer, and more recently I've taken up the offer of employment with Key Publishing and I have joined their editorial staff - my full time work now primarily comprises Airports of the World magazine, and Airliner World magazine. I enjoy seeing my written work (and photographs) in print, right up to the time where I start to worry about whether someone will point out some error I've made. It's not happened yet, but I'm sure it will one day.


That's about it really... Total aviation geek meets camera and the rest as they say is history! It's still a hobby rather than a profession, a fun hobby, but its a time and money consuming one! And it keeps me out of mischief - mostly! So, if I've retained your interest this far I'd now like to direct you to the photographs on this website. Thanks if you've taken the time out to read my brief bio!

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