Updated: This site is for me to share my work with those who also enjoy photography whether they are in front or behind the camera. If you have nothing to share or just have porn on your site, don't bother - you will be blocked.


Now for the important part.....For the love of the highly sensual and erotic photography and the study of how light & shadows plays such magificent role in the images that I try to capture, I have created this alternative profile.


A profile that will allow me an avenue to share the images that I hope to create while exploring my own creativity and blending the amazing guidance that I have received from a great artist and photographer.


Thanks so much for your advice and guidance!! The mentoring is highly valued and appreciated.


I hope you enjoy this journey with me.


For the Flickr Friends and Contacts - Thank you so much for all of amazing comments on these images as well as sharing your incredible images.


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  • JoinedDecember 2009
  • HometownChicago
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enthusiastic adjustment (deleted)

alter egos photography is an inspiration to us,simple,sexy yet powerful images of stunning beauty,thank you for sharing...supernova....

July 11, 2010
absorbed railway (deleted)

Alter Ego's images are an ode to poetic simplicity. No frills or super imposed Photoshopped butterflies, storm clouds or castles. The images inherited the clean and sensual tradition of nudes by Peter Basch and Edward Weston.

January 6, 2010
Fumbling Cannon (deleted)

un magnifique travail photographique en noir et blanc, avec une utilisation des ombres et des contrastes remarquable, un travail qui met si bien en valeur le corps superbe du modèle, un corps qui fait rêver, si sensuel...une sublime beauté

December 14, 2009