There is art of a mature nature displayed in this profile.


This page is meant to represent and foster the creation of ART, not lust. Sex crimes against women are on the rise. Nude ART is not meant to provoke sexual aggression against women. WOMEN ARE TO BE: REVERED, AND LOVE, AND RESPECTED, AND WORSHIPED, AND ADMIRED, AND SOMETIMES FEARED. I hold these beliefs true as I have a Granny, a mom, a wife, a daughter and women that are friends. My definition of ART will vary from many of yours, but I photograph that which I revere! REMEMBER... NO! MEANS NO! INTOXICATION is NOT a substitute for yes.


I'm here to display my work and make some friends.


I love so many genres of photography, but the portrait is my favorite and the natural / available light portrait is one of the loves of my life.


I don't get to photograph models as often as I would like, but when I shoot I will post.


I love comments especially ones that will help me grow as an artist. Remember this isn't just art, the women I photograph are people, so please keep it clean.


I love to favorite your photos, so feel free to favorite mine. When making my photos your favorites, I would hope they are in tasteful company or they will be removed.


Thank you for visiting.


***As I look though the photos of my friends / contacts and my favorites the standard for what a "good photograph" is goes up everyday. "Thanks for raising the the bar." I learn so much everyday just from logging in, this is a great community of photographers. Thank you.


I don't just photograph models/nudes. I have another photostream where I post most other images. I just thought it wise to separate the two.


This may help you view all of my photos:


*Also available for your private needs (boudoir for your significant other or yourself).


Fun facts: You may care or you may not...


Happily married

My children are in elementary school

I need Indian food

I'm a cartoon junky (I can watch almost anything)

Addicted to Marvel and DC comics

Fascinated by film photography

(will be using more film in 2015)


Dream Cameras:



Pentax 67II

Rolleiflex 2.8 TLR

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