Start of the autumn, life is at the full speed again, proving the power despite the situation with the pandemic. And at that speed, there are those special, funny, grotesque, sometimes dangerous moments that are happening all the time. But the very definition of the word "moment" tells us how hard is to capture it on the camera, although we often take those masterpieces for granted. Therefore, the October 2021 featured gallery is dedicated to the perfect timings in life of a photographer - please enjoy the DECISIVE MOMENT GALLERY.


And a bit about me...

Curious about the World, hard worker and hedonist, sportsmen and art admirer, adventurer and, hopefully, a friend. And the one who celebrate perception from another angle, but an eternal admirer of beauty. Also, a person pretty much hooked on a fantastic world of photography that Flickr possesses, including images of erotic nature*


Convinced that contemporary photography has so many different angles worth exploring, here is a selection of images I took over the years. Collection on Flickr is just a portion of what captured my eye over the years, a rather eclectic cross-section of my flirt with photography, with many different objects, approaches, models, techniques and equipment. As life itself is not static, I don't see any reason why the photography should be different, as it is a personal perspective of the world seen over time, that evaluate and hopefully progress...


And yes - it is worth browsing the Favorites I collected over time, especially the last pages, as those are the sorted "best of the best". The same goes for Galleries, which I try to keep neat and thematic. And also decided to give praise by promoting the work of those who I admire as photographers, by announcing one of the Gallery as featured every month. Just take a look at a featured gallery at the beginning of this page...


Finally, you may look at three groups I administer (and please note that those are of an adult nature), along with friends on Flickr. Those are:


- Exploring Sexuality: Rather an eclectic collection of erotic images, seen from a bit different perspective, with a goal to explore new ideas, new faces, in one word - something new, distinctive, fresh and different. This is a carefully moderated group, with the highest ambition to collect the masterpieces of erotic photography on Flickr.


- PornArt: The group I inherited, as it existed on Flickr way before I joined. However, with a bit of cleaning, it is a Flickr referent group exploring the thin line between erotic and pornographic images... It is more than stylish erotic bodies, but for sure less than plain pornographic sights made for selling sex, or mundane images of gaped legs.


- Eros and Aphrodite: Finally there is a group for the finest erotic photography, made as I noticed that there are some amazing pieces of work worth attention, however not blending in previously mentioned groups. It is rather a small group counting the number of images, as it is really heavily curated, searching only for masterpieces in erotic photography, in terms of beauty, sensuality and technical (photographic) skills.


*Stream contain adult images of erotic nature, so please be warned, although those images are marked properly as moderate or restricted. Some, more explicit, are marked for friends only and will be given to most of the authors I follow. There are no F&F images. All images are copyrighted. And yes, I am of legal age, older than 21...

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