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I am now a wayward girl--come visit my new Etsy shop!




One husband, four kids, a neurotic dog, and's all a bunch of Shiny Happy chaos everyday!


I am the Art Director for a newspaper here in the City Different and in addition to my layout duties I run around with a camera stuck to my face almost every day! Aside from assigned shoots I typically shadow small people with that camera and they have learned to ignore me (thus allowing me to take many a candid--my favorite!).


In addition to Art Direction I'm still freelancing as a photographer and designer. I also create jewelry using PMC, an amazing form of recycled silver.


On a more serious note, I've published photos worldwide and am particularly proud of those used to help promote breastfeeding in a mostly breast and woman unfriendly world.


Before I ever picked up a camera, though, I expressed myself in words. I'm a writer with a few publications to my name and my crushing case of writer's block is FINALLY LIFTING. I write a bi-monthly column for the NM Free Press, the paper where I work.


Here's the Free Press website, designed by my very tired and overextended (and cute) husband Chris:


All images on my Flickr stream are copyrighted and I reserve all rights. If you like one of my images and want to use it in your publication by all means--let me know! If you lift it without my consent you are violating the law. Sorry to spell this out in such elementary terms but apparently there are a lot of people out there who think that Flickr is a free photo/stock photo website. IT ISN'T! Thank you. Have a nice day.

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  • JoinedNovember 2005
  • OccupationDesigner, Photographer, Writer, Editor....MOM!
  • HometownThe City Different
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Devilish Road (deleted)

Ana has a wonderful eye (actually two) for capturing timeless moments. She is a joy to have in my life and is a great partner to explore with. It is a tribute to her talents to see all the positive comments that everyone shares with her. I wish her much and continued growth and success with her photography.

June 13, 2009

Though we've never met in person, Ana is family. She was one of my first contacts and her shots of kids, deserts, and life around New Mexico always inspire me. The only fine art photo I ever bought is from Ana and is hanging in our den now.

June 10, 2008

Ana June is a wonderful photographer, mother & friend. She is a Goddess Mama with a Camera & a Sweet Eye. Ana June also does good work in the world for Peace. What could be better?

November 17, 2005