I used to be on Flickr for many, many years (as D2Gallery) and with thousands of photos posted, but over time my usage slowed down and I eventually closed my account. So it's kind of nice to be back now. This time around my plan is to use this as a place to mostly feature my film photography, but an occasional digital photo may slip through - especially if I've used a vintage manual focus lens on the digital camera, which I love to do. In addition to 35mm and medium format, I recently started getting into large format photography. I presently have a 1941 Anniversary Speed Graphic 4x5, a Kodak Master View 4x5, and an "Ideal" 10"x12" field camera from the mid-1890s, made by Rochester Optical Co. All three are in working order - even the 10x12 camera, which I plan to do more with in the coming months. Lastly, thanks to the large format endeavor, I have also set up a darkroom in my bathroom. This was the first time I was back in a darkroom since my college photography classes back in the early 1980s.

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