From the moment I held my first camera, I have been fascinated by the incredible beauty one is able to capture with the camera lens. There is something magical happening with camera in hand, and suddenly the world turns into a fairytale for me. Ever little bug, leaf, tree, field, person, animal becomes a canvas which I want to fill with beautiful light and colors. After becoming a mum and a teacher 3 years ago, I am momentarily unable to get up in my favorite time of the day; before sunrise, to go on my photo adventures. But I am still hunting the perfect capture in my dreams, and photography will always be one of those things in my life which makes me perfectly happy.

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Ann-Karin has a wonderful stream of continues high quality images. And most important, the photo's seem to have soul! Simply fantastic. I am looking forward to see many many more amazing works!

July 27, 2013
abashed back (deleted)

Ich bin durch Zufall auf diesen Account gestoßen und war sofort von den Bildern begeistert und gefesselt. Unglaublich schöne BIlder, die man hier sehen darf. I came across this account by chance and was immediately impressed and captivated by the pictures. Incredibly beautiful pictures that you can see here.

November 20, 2018