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I'm a Frenchie living in Portland, OR. I left my heart in London when I moved away but I always lust for a life well lived and well photographed in Japan. One day, maybe.


I'm mainly (95%) a film photographer, shooting a combination of 35mm and 120. I don't like lists of equipment so let's just say my favorite tools are my Mamiyas (M645 for 6x4.5 and C220 for 6x6)


Here you'll find slices of life plus some commissioned and personal projects that I'm working on.


I like to tell little stories in the tags so don't forget to read those too. What I love the most about Flickr are the interactions so say hello once in a while! I don't bite, I promise.


I love Flickr meet ups so if you want to grab a drink or go on a photo walk, just send me a Flickr message! I'm always interested in meeting other film photographers.


Reblogs : Feel free to use my photos on Tumblr, but not on your blog to illustrate what you're doing or feeling. Don't crop or alter in any way. And don't forget to credit me when you post my photos on Tumblr.







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