Venturing from somewhere in Wales, Antonymes sculptures such an exquisite alchemy. Exquisite in a Harold Budd / Charles Atlas / Sylvain Cheuveau / Max Richter type way. There’s something utterly statue-esque and graceful about these fragile and monochrome suites, a chamber like reverence, a hush perhaps that makes you take one step back and just stand in silence jaw agape. | |

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  • JoinedSeptember 2009
  • OccupationMusician, photographer, film maker, designer
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I like many others are mightily impressed....

September 26, 2018

These wonderful pictures question the futility of life's struggle. Everything passes - including us.

October 17, 2020

What a fantastic stream!!! I love the way you use low light. The small light spots are en point, very moody and athmospheric work. Your work has the breath of time in each work. Great to see somethink like this here: Chapeau!

September 10, 2021