Hi, most of my pics are of buildings, many of them threatened either by neglect or destructive alteration schemes. I also collect old pics of demolished buildings and will gradually upload scans of them when I can. If I have not indicated the location of a building it is often because I have promised the owner not to.


Working in the field of architectural history and planning, and yes well over eighteen .


I will consider baring any member who favorites my pics but has non on view themselves. Flickr is supposed to be about sharing.


I am normally happy to let my photographs be used free for charitable purposes, and guide books, and by students if they are credited as my copyright.


I do work away a lot so please dont be offended if you dont get a speedy reply.


Cheers James


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James has some wonderful photographs of lesser known places in the UK. His work really brings forgotten places to general attention. I also enjoy his details, it has been for me a real journey of discovery.

August 2, 2007
Trademarc says:

If you can't go to the United Kingdom, buildingfan will bring the United Kingdom to you. Great pictures, great buildings, great atmosphere. Kudos!

March 16, 2007