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| Fade | says:

He is a truly amazing builder, and all of his mocs have the perfect amount of balance and detail. Keep up the super work :) -Matt

May 20, 2012
Elated Fnord (deleted)

To start, Brickcentral is a great builder. I mean, he has the ability to add details to any size build. He's one of my absolute bestest friends on here and is an inspiration for most of my builds. Every time he makes something new, I know it will amaze me every time. -Anthony

December 28, 2011

"Brickcentral is just a purist junkie. From when I took my first look at his stream to now, I am just inspired."

December 25, 2011
Be…≥ says:

Jake is an excellent MOCer. His vignettes are really impressive and he has recently gotten very good at adding small and awesome greebles to his MOCs. If you add him as a contact you won't regret it- everyday you will be treated to something new and awesome from his photostream. Keep up the great work Ben

December 23, 2011