Marriage was designed to form a permanent bond of union between man and woman, that they might be mutually helpful to each other. Living together in love and confidence, they could enjoy great happiness. Jehovah created woman as a mate for man by using the man’s rib as a base, thereby making woman man’s closest fleshly relative on earth, his own flesh. (Ge 2:21)


I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and love being a part of this wonderful worldwide brotherhood. It's a lot of fun being on Flickr to connect with my dear brothers and sisters from around the globe. My husband and I have been faithfully married to one another for 23 years going on 24 years (1987).

I am so happy to say that we have raised together three wonderful children all serving Jehovah, our eldest being baptized at the International convention in Hawaii November 2009. I wish for them all to continue on in Jehovah's service making wise choices that please him. We plan on engaging in the foreign language field once we get settled.



Well since hubby bought me a Canon Powershot..I'm having a lot of fun taking photo's of everything. The pictures turn out so crisp and clear it just seems to inspire me more. I have lived in Hawaii and California so the opportunities are endless. I had surgery a while back so was dealing with pain issues for nearly 8 months. Since I had a ligament repair to my right wrist it has made it easier to pick up a camera without the pain I use to experience. I'm excited about all the possibilities. I posted photo's of our International convention in November on the island of Oahu it was amazing and so memorable then I broke my foot in several places and ripped a few ligaments..next chapter in my life dealing with those pain issues. May need surgery on that soon. I will visit Hawaii from time to time but probably Maui and Kauai (my favorite islands) Haven't driven the road to Hana in a long time. For now it will be road trips up and down the Cali coast up into Seattle and a few trips to Europe.


I sing online Karaoke for fun



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