I've been photographing my kid's toys over the years, Lego, fluffy animals and whatnot. The Clone/Star Wars action figures proved to be such a joy to shoot that I decided to put some of them on Flickr. Then I made some Lego photographs, too.


Not all of my photographs are about toys anymore. Well, they are, but now some of the toys in my photostream belong to me and are a bit more complicated than the kids' stuff.


My photography has been featured on many websites, here's some of them:









Yahoo Movies






Huffington Post


Nominated for Hugo Award (long list, Best Fan Artist category) 2015.

Hugo award finalist 2017, Best Fan Artist.


I had the most amazing opportunity to talk with the production team of The Lego Movie (2014) some time ago while they were still in early stages of the production. Here is an fxguide article on Animal Logic's technical achievements and the visual look of the movie. Here is another nice article on the cinematography of The Lego Movie in which my name also comes up. This one is by Graig Welsh, the Lighting Supervisor on The Lego Movie.


All this has led to publishing my Lego Star Wars work in a book, as blogged on starwars.com. Due out from DK Publishing on the 10th of November 2015.


Some photos I have not uploaded here can be found on my Instagram Instagram account. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.


I support linking back if you take inspiration from other people's work, it is a polite and a fair thing to do and a sign of respect.


All images are fully copyrighted, please do not use them without permission.


Avanaut. Get yours at bighugelabs.com

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LegoLyman says:

Fabulous shots, every photo tells such a story. Well done!

March 24, 2020

Always an inspiration - imho the best lego/toy-photographer on the web. Nuff said? No. He combines great technical skills (photography, editing) with innovative setups and methods and often great humor. Master of Hoth, movement and action in photography and a really nice guy to communicate with.

March 27, 2012