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Style: freelance --- Documentary | Archival

- Eclectic. Photos are generally as taken with any editing minimal (unless noted) and

for the most part done simply to naturally enhance any important aspects of the image.


Admin.: Hawaii"s Wildlife

|ipernity photo-illustration


Ci. Sci. Nat. Hist. | IUCN

Ind. Res. Asc. Field Ecology

Nat./ Wlf. Photo-Illust.




Present: Canon P. & S. PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

| Olympus / E-PL3 [w.] Macro \ Standard \ Telephoto

& - Celestron C5 M./C. tele-Spotting Scope

- auxiliary lenses | Online photo editing software.




Pic's.that may other-wise have been secured elsewhere --- perhaps as a result of collaboration as for an example are indicated as such and have been given full credit(s) where applicable; # and secured copy. - All photos have been selected on intrinsic aesthetic and / or educational value, interestingness and potential need for a greater - (general) exposure.


All images and accompanying [exc. C.C. P.D. &-etc. as applicable] text - Copyright / Lic.; G. C. Druenn. | Use of any kind (i.e;) advertising - inclusive of being reproduced, copied, edited, published, blogged, altered, transmitted or uploaded in any way without written permission is in violation of international copyright laws (633/41 DPR19/78-Disg 154/97-L.248/2000)

- Thanks. Note: Those favoriting photos that [or] for the most part do not have any pic's. of their own posted on flickr and / or any of whose pic's. / faves are deemed to be of a licentious / offensive nature will be blocked.


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Gerry has a strong feeling for preserving native fauna in Hawaii and has a great interest in many facets of nature. Thanks for the ID’s you have given me on many insects, especially the moths.

March 23, 2010