The secret of photography?


There are no simple answers.


But let's try to find one!


Travel as often as you can. Movement and function is the key. Self-awareness. And creativity. Don’t care what others say. Do what you do best. And we will do the rest. Yeah. Move. Faster. Deeper. See the line of the horizon? It’s not a barrier. Cross it. Get there. Then stop! Take a look around. Take a deep breath. Feel the spirit of the place. Admire it. Take it. Lick it. Eat it. There’s no need to fight. Make it flow inside your brain. Then calm dawn. Calm dawn. Calm dawn. Dawn. Up. High. Higher. Eight miles high. Up above. Open. Open. Open. O. Pen. Nepo. Peno. Epno. O. P. E. N. Closed. No. Yes. Maybe. Small. Big. Male. Female. Be. Not to be. Brain. Cerebrospinal fluid. Intelligence. Mind. Open. Yes. Open mind. Open mind. Open mind. Do not. Lose it. Keep it. Now. Then. Tomorrow. Past. Future. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries. Before Christ. Jesus. The last temptation of Christ. Jesus Christ. Holy Ghost. God. Infinity. Adam. Eva. Sin. Human. Heritage. Mistakes. Perfection. Practice makes perfect. It depends on You. Your abilities. Your skills. Your head. Your mind. Your mind is open. Your mind is open. Your mind is open. And now you got the taste of ART.


But it’s not the end. Opposite - it is just a beginning. Improve. Develop. Progress. Movin’ on up now. Getting out of the darkness. My light shines on. And your light will shine on. Do not be afraid to believe in yourself.


Peace, Brothers and Sisters!

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