A former resident of Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Illinois, and New Mexico who has spent a considerable fraction of his life in Colorado, I currently reside in California. Which explains why so many of my pictures are from Utah. Or not. Hmmm.


A lot of what I photograph is "rock art" -- Native American pictographs and petroglyphs. I have a special interest in certain archaic styles, especially Barrier Canyon Style. BCS sites are rare, often remote, generally unprotected, and occasionally destroyed by idiots. Developed and well known sites I generally geotag -- look for a map link on the photo page. But given the number of sites that have been destroyed by idiots, people are very protective of the lesser known sites and very cautious about sharing their locations. I may post photos of sites I've only been told about under the condition that I not pass that information along. If you don't know me personally, please don't ask for the locations of these sites, you're asking me to break a promise I made to someone else. I've gotten enough questions recently that I'm starting to think about making these photos private -- I know several other people who take this approach in order to avoid being asked all the time. But I'd rather be able to share the art.

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