Manuelo Bececco,

Photography, the first thing that comes to mind is my childhood, when my father sent me to buy the rolls of film for its reflex or when a child ran away from home to go near the computer store and play with the ' Amiga 500 that was there for demonstrations, or when the first salary I bought my first digital camera 2 MP, a compact HP brand, did you think of the pictures are not even comparable to the poorer compact that you can buy now .

In 2000 I made my first trip to Florida for the accuracy Miami, Bahamas and Key West a beautiful emotion we left me and my cousin, then I type 3000 photos of landscapes, portraits, sunrise, sunset (which on ' ocean are a wonderful thing), photographing Miami at night was really fantastic, I remember that when I came back the first thing I did was to go to print photos from your dealer, well, not being able to catalog them all 'the time I had printed all, when I went to pay I had a heart attack.

From there I had a long break photo, one grows, you will find other hobbies, until one day I took the craving to go and buy an other camera, come by the shop, I asked him if he could give me some advice, and he would still recommend a compact, this time a Sony Exlim if I'm not mistaken the first 6 mp and a lot of stuff compared to my old HP, I remember that sometimes I took the bike and went under the mountain near Assisi Subasio to take some pictures but nothing that we say that the love for this compact camera c 'was all right, always in the car, holidays with friends, sea, mountains. In 2007, in that year I decided to buy my first SLR so without much thought I woke up in the morning and I left convinced to MediaWorld after a chat with the salesman I bought a Canon 450d with an Entry Level Objective 18-55 is, by them to date has been a war mental and physical studies, forums, research, work friends a lot of work and we will still work because for me it is like a big love, no matter which machine you use, no matter what purpose you use, the important you are your thoughts your way of seeing things and properly convey your emotions with a click, it's all there in that 1/30 of a second.

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