*Thank you for all the lovely comments and favorites on my images. I truly appreciate it, but often don't have time to thank each person individually.


*Thank you for all the group covers! I am most honored but will unlikely add screenshots of the group covers to my photostream. As much as I appreciate it, I want to leave my photostream open only for the original pics I take in Second Life. I hope you understand. ;)



marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/203054 My gacha resell


I love decorating and am inspired by the many great designers, decorators, and bloggers in SL. My primary strength and preference is Home & Garden, but I dable a bit in fashion. All of my scenes/landscape etc are set up by me and my regions are also listed in SL Destinations Guide under winter themed. "Adagio Gardens, Winterland", "Hauntings", and "Undersea Cove" are all listed in the SL Destination Guide. My region features three different levels and skyboxes/domes to explore with many pose and photo areas to discover! I am constantly adding and changing things so drop in anytime! maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adagio%20Breeze/227/121/1212


I am an award winning builder in an older virtual world, for my many home and landscape designs.


I am formerly jks.beck (Bekks) but changed my name to Bekks.Heartsong in world. I have a blog which I keep updated (see below) but I post everything here since my followers are mainly here!







Dreamland Designs

Never Totally Dead


The Looking Glass

The Little Branch

Serenity Style

irrISIStible shop



Mirage Treasure Co

Scarlet Creative


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January 10, 2021