My work often focuses on scenes that are very challenging to photograph because of the drastically dynamic lighting conditions that exist in them. Traditional photography is limited to a single exposure– robbing the resulting picture of the spectacular view that only the eye/brain can perceive. As a Neuroscientist, I am currently researching the relationship between mammalian neocortex and sensory stimuli. Investigating how sensory events are represented in the brain has had a profound influence on my photography. I often combine multiple exposures in order to convert the dynamic images that we continually see with our eyes and brain, into static pictures. This effect retains the feeling, emotion, and fluidity of the original scene as perceived by the visual system. In this way, the photograph fuses with the visceral first person perspective of these locations, capturing the fluid experience in a fixed image.


Born and raised in Colorado, I am currently doing medical research in Boulder, and live in Denver


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I don't know him for a long time, but I do really love his pictures! He is a great photographer! His pictures are brilliant and perfect in my eyes! Thank you that I can enjoy your photos!

June 7, 2008

i am not by a single bit shy of admitting that I am his fan. you are a master when it comes to rendering. your photos make me realize how much more there is to learn.

September 12, 2008
dear pleasure (deleted)

Just viewed almost all of your photos, and I can't decide what photo of yours I like best. I am blown away. You have a very unique style, and it's captivating.. your pictures make 'true life' viewing dull. You must teach me this skill.. Outstanding!!!!!!!

January 21, 2009
janis says:

I might be fairly new at digital photography, but I know an artist when I see one. I'm definitely a fan!

March 28, 2008