Living in little red dot aka Sunny Singapore.


I added u cos I would love to see all the great photos taken by you.


Love Birds, especially, as I doubt I can capture in my sensors all the birds in this world!!


Started birding somewhere in Feb/Mar 2011 and now I own a Nikon 500mm f/4 and been using it since March 2011. Any sponsor for 600mm?? I'm wun be shy. (^ ^)


Okok, no sponsor so I gotta sponsored myself. Latest toy, Nikon AFS 600mm f4 in September 2012.


Setup, Nikon D3s, Nikon AFS 600mm f4 with/without Nikon TC1.4, Gitzo series 5531s and Wimberley Tripod head.


Got myself a lighter, walk around set-up. Nikon 70-200mm with Nikon TC 20C III in May 2013.


In Sep 2013, I sold my Gitzo and Wimberley for RRS. Got myself TVC-33 and BH-55 LR. Total weight loss, 1.34kg.


Another Buy/Sell, I sold my 600mm F4 for 300mm F2.8 as i wanted to go lighter and tripod-less in April 2014. Trying to get more BIF or more action shots.


More toys, Nikon D4 my latest in Oct 2014 and hope she will last me till yr2020.


I slowed down in photography in 2015/16 and finally decided not to continue. Sold off my last camera gear, Nikon TC1.4 in April 2017 and I completely leaving Birding World.


Gotta know a lot of people who shared the same passion in photog espcially birding photog and many became my good friends and acquaintances. Please keep in touch with me here or anywhere, i'm just a few clicks away.


Yap I'm taken by a wify aka Xris, a little girl aka Tricia Quek and a 4 -legged mini-schnauzer aka Nike Quek.


Hope you folks will enjoy my photos cos I really enjoy urs and do give me feedback on my photos in any form.






Peace Be With You.

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