the architecture of visualization.

geometry as a structure of reality.

aesthetics of the man-made forms.

difference in repetition.




I don't mind if you share my photos on internet, but please don't forget to put my name credit. Everything I uploaded on Flickr is available in hi res/large size, if you would like to publish/license something contact me.


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In the period 2009 - 2011 I administrated the gallery SHADE and I published 2 annual photo books with a selection of the best voted photos from the gallery's thematic exhibitions, that were curated by members of the group.


Shadé Shadé


shadé <a href=#2 /> Shadé #2


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Between March 2011 and April 2012 I organized online exhibitions of architectural and urban photography in the RED SQUARE GALLERY, where I introduced photographers with a curated selection of photos and a short interview.


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Contributions to magazines and a selection of online publications:

Hypo - X - Series, A digital curation by Alan Wilson

Y SIN EMBARGO #16, Du-champ-issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #17, Mess-up mess-age issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #18, Inside-out issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #19, super#F issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #20, Extimacy issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #21, Ink or link issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #22, cap-it-all/off issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #24, In-betwen the net issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #25, Just a memory issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #26, Uroborus issue

Y SIN EMBARGO #28, you/END/me issue

Y SIN EMBARGO # 29, end/s issue

U.K's The Building Mag

Photographer #8 photos + interview

on Azurebumble's blog Aesthetic investigations: Brancolina : photography, Brancolina - photography, Breaking the darkness, Blue room and Symmetrical spaces.

DOZE#5, Visionär issue

cameraobscura online photography magazine

a selection of photos with an interview on Lucid communications website

10 monochrome photos in A.I. series collective photo book by Alan Wilson

a photo featured in promotional publication for Monica Förster's office chair Lei designed for Officeline

a selection of photos from Mondrianization series published in the Digital camera magazine from June 2012

online publication on Archidaily

a photo featured i the book 'Glass in contemporary architecture' by Ewa Wala (ISBN 978-83-7880-080-4)

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