My images and mesh works are all displays of what I learn as I go.


Majority of my content is considered by Flickr standards as "Restricted" you won't be able to view my content if you are set to Safe Search: On/Moderate

If my concept art offends you or does not align with your principles and standards there is a simple solution to your problem: unfollow or/and block me. What you can't see can't offend you.


Anyone using my images on Facebook or any other social media is posing to be me and is using my images without my consent.

I don't use Facebook for anything other than my business.

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Brave Afternoon (deleted)

Cerberus has been a staple for years now. Expanding the compatibility of recent items has been great. This store consistently tickles that darker side I like to evoke, giving me plenty to work with either as a centerpiece or as a supplement to make any outfit look neat. Definitely worth looking for in-world!

September 7, 2017