An enthusiast and generalist photographer with interest in different genres, but particularly travel, people and nature photography. Enjoy spontaneity and capturing images that tell a story. Always observing my surroundings and constantly learning from other seasoned photographers whose work is so inspiring. Photography is my favorite way to meditate and enjoy the present moment.

Qooting from author Xinjin Zhao: "Learning photography becomes a process of self discovery, a process to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and a process to better understand the world around us. As I started taking more photos, I realized that I started seeing things I had never seen before. In a way, photography becomes a tool for learning how to see the world without a camera. I often walk around with a virtual frame and imagine how something would look in a frame.. In the end, we not only want to find enjoyment through photography, but also gain a deeper appreciation of life through photography. Photography makes us more observant, more sensitive to the surrounding environment, and our life more purposeful and meaningful."

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A gallery as I like them with varied, heterogeneous quality photos. I sure enjoy every single picture! Many thanx Carolina for sharing.

January 23, 2021


August 3, 2021