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living in the clouds and building castles in the air

(please no invitations to private or award/obligatory comment groups; also, please spare me nudity unless it has serious artistic merit... I see a naked body every day (mine :-))))


I've had several instances of people on other social media networks (like Instagram, for instance) blatantly stealing my Flickr images and using them as their 'original' work to solicit business for themselves. I always report such instances to appropriate authorities.


I also have zero tolerance for any sort of destructive behaviour, such as incivility, harassment, etc. Play nice or go home.



----///--\\\----put this

---|||----|||---on your

---|||-- -|||---profile if

---|||-- -|||---you know


-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived

------///\-----or has passed away from


----///--\\\---Thank you

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An outrageously fantastic photostream... What a pleasure to look through it. It is almost impossible to separate out one from another to find the best in what is simply a series of great images.

March 7, 2018

Magnifica gallery. Paesaggi spettacolari perfettamente resi dalle tue immagini. Complimenti Cherrys.

January 5, 2018

Composition, colors, light, creativity, high quality, the eye of the photographer, with much talent!

October 4, 2017