Artist. Make things.


This profile is so not up to date.


Volunteered with dogs at the animal shelter for a long time, because I do not have a dog life.

Not able to get there these days.


Not able to get there because they are 3000 miles away and I am working 6 days a week just to pay the rent out here and there would be no time for the dogs.


Inappropriate sense of humor. Fairly serious cook.

Paint. Work in metal. Sew. Knit to relax sometimes.


I think a series of horse paintings is coming...

Not getting to the racetrack as often as I would like to.


Racetrack is also 3000 miles away. No time to get to a track here. Did borrow some local horses to shoot some pictures with my youngest daughter.


Have accomplished some things out here, even got some press. Press doesn't pay the rent.


In the meantime, I take pictures. Once in a while a great one.

In between, just stuff.

Will update this more cheerfully sometime soon.


Thank you for visiting!


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That is not me in the photo down there. That is a whole slide show, a special project, that I had a small part in.

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  • OccupationDesigner
  • HometownLA though I lived in Rhode Island long enough to call it home and really miss it
  • Current cityNomad in exile in the San Fernando Valley.
  • CountryUSA
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