After attempting a first dive in the Bahamas in 1994 I got hooked and understood I wasn't going to stop there. I've been certified since 1997 and took my very first underwater pictures in 1999. I would not consider the result as a successful attempt, but what can I say, I'm persistent.

I've been shooting more regularly since working for the last ten years in the Scuba diving industry. Initially as an instructor but more recently, as dive center manager. Fortunately, this gives me more opportunities to dive and take my camera along.

Although definitely specialized in Underwater photography, I recently discovered the pleasures of astrophotography. From deep down to very high in the sky, I try to cover the range of possible targets as best as I can.

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  • JoinedFebruary 2012
  • OccupationDive center manager
  • HometownLausanne / CH
  • Current cityWakatobi Dive Resort
  • CountryIndonesia


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