When an image manages to convey the unique beauty of the subject to the viewer then it becomes something special and unique, some call it art.

I am always trying to improve and learn as I go along, I hope never to stop learning and enjoying photography.

I welcome comments on my work, especially comments that will help improve my work.

I am a Limassol based photographer. If you would like to have a photo shoot, whether as an up an coming model, as a present for someone or for any reason at all, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

If there are any photographers or models who are visiting Cyprus and would like to meet up drop me a line.











The following canned letter is from Mr John Rudolf who has given permission to use and customise describes my general thoughts and position regarding licensure of my images. Following this canned letter is other information about my image stream on this site. Please be so kind as to read this as well.


Canned letter is as follows:


Dear Colleague and Fellow Creative:


I wish to explain – though this should be unnecessary – why I make it an almost invariable practice to charge for use of images.


I am a photographer. My work -- the images I produce -- is valuable, not just to me, but to someone who wants to use it. It provides “value-added” to the subjects, whether those subjects are performers at stage or music venues, or the authors of articles needing accompanying images, or spot news, etc, etc. Importantly, these are professional images: they are not what we call “GWC” (guy with camera) snapshots nor are they the ubiquitous iPhone dross. These images are almost invariably “deliberate”, or calculated, and represent the accumulated skill of having made well many thousands of images. By analogy, the songs, music, or declamations of a stage performer or actor are not the basement noodling of an amateur musician, or of a guy who “sings in the shower.”


My specific reasons for charging for licensure are that:

a) The work is intrinsically valuable;

b) Constantly giving away high-quality images devalues the work of other photographers and degrades their own income stream;

c) giving away imaging ultimately devalues imaging per se; and

d) There is no rational explanation for everyone in a production team being paid, except the photographer whose image is the subject of production.


While I usually give away images for purely personal use – if your grandmother wants a print, for instance – use of my images for commercial uses, such as advertising, promotion, self-promotion, or displays, by definition is a “value-added” event. You wouldn't want to use my image if it didn't add value to, for instance, your display, website, brochure, or funding campaign, would you? Of course I adjust licensing costs according to the breadth of use and the entity using the images – fees for an image for Starbucks in a world wide campaign are considerably different from those for an image in a website promoting a band (except if it is the Rolling Stones.) If I use your music for background on my iPod while exercising, that's one thing; but if I download your music to accompany a web ad for my commercial exercise studio, you should be compensated for that value-added. So should I.


I sincerely hope you understand my position, and will emulate it in your own lives and work. Giving away valuable work for no recompense devalues our work and it devalues the works of our colleagues.


With best regards,


Christopher Stavrinides


WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.


The content of these images CANNOT BE COPIED, DISTRIBUTED or PUBLISHED for any media, electronic or otherwise.

The utilization in other web pages without the express written consent of the author is PROHIBITED.


To enquire about prints, licensing, or blogging, please e-mail me or message me.


All rights reserved ©


Please do not alter my photos in anyway and re-post them as your own work - this is strictly prohibited. Please let me know if you see any abuse of my photos as a few of you have done already.


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