Hello everybody,


I'm Rosa from Berlin. In my freetime I love to create jewelry and accessoires and I also do sell them on my etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/cocolocojewels ~

Feel free to add me there and of course I do add you back x

I am currently studying acting in Berlin, so of course I love to play up on stage, visit the theatre, but I also enjoy doing music, going out with friends, watching good movies, taking pictures, I love fashion and I really love to cook and bake. So maybe you will find some pictures of the food I made at my flickr stream, too. I used to collect all types of dolls (Groove dolls, Ball jointed dolls, Berry Jerry) but currently I'm not having much time to photograph them.. but sometimes I really enjoy taking some simple pictures of my dolls..


If you have questions or want to comission me for jewelry stuff feel free to write me a flickr mail (or better, write me an email at www.cocolocojewelry@gmx.de) or contact me via etsy.




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Photos of Chu-Boo


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.Dori. says:

She's a cute girl, I like her comments, these are always so nice! ^^ She makes the best bentos :-) I like her sweet doggie too, Coco! Please watch her great photos! xoxo from Dóri

June 13, 2008
Miema says:

Chu boo ist eine wundervolle Maus, die wunderschöne Fotos machen kann. Immer wenn ich auf ihre Seite gehe bin ich überrascht, weil ich laufend etwas Neues entdecke. HDL Miema

April 7, 2008