I enjoy taking pictures in places that are difficult to get to, like a cave or a wilderness trail, miles from civilization. I find the challenge of getting there, and the technical aspects of shooting very satisfying.


For licensing any of my photos feel free to write me here on Flickr, email at cjsuther21@gmail.com, or write me on Facebook. Thanks for your interest in my work. If you're unsure if you need to talk to me about my photos, consult the below guide:


· You may use my photos for personal use, excluding printing, at no charge.

· You may share my photos on the internet, as long as they are properly attributed (the name "Chuck Sutherland", and link to the original where possible).

· You may not use my photos to promote an ideology, without my consent and a contract. This includes politics, religions, philosophies, lifestyles, and worldviews.

· You may not use my photos for profit without my consent and a contract. This includes ad revenue.

· You may contact me at cjsuther21@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Thanks for stopping by! :)


Chuck Sutherland, Cherokee Caverns, Knox County, Tennessee 4 by Chuck Sutherland

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Probably one of the most influential photographers I've come across on Flickr. He is an amazing photographer whose professional work has been invaluable in documenting the caves in Tennessee.

September 28, 2017