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learning and improving, ....I think ......hope.


I love taking pictures into the light - I hope to always love this! #intothelight


I live right beside the Annacloy River (River Quoile) I fish it in summer and walk the river every weekend all the year round- usually with camera in hand. The majority of the pictures on my photostream are taken close to my house.


I generally post pictures that I have taken in the previous week or two as i like to keep the pictures "in season" and I consider my Flickr site to be a sort of photo diary. For my favourite groups Arachtober/FlydayFriday/WebWednesdays I will, if necessary, dip into my archives and post old pictures if I have nothing current.


My nerdiest project is my spreadsheet of honey bees pictured on named flowers. please do have a peak if you have time.


I try to keep my contacts to a manageable number and so I do cull the list from time to time and I don't necessarily reciprocate "follows" straight away. Generally if there is ongoing good interaction happening I will follow someone.


I dont do any 'post one comment x' type groups. I used to get sucked into this but found they were making Flickr less fun for me so now I avoid them and, i have to say, this has seemed to work!


In recent years I have tended to include a You-tube music video link with pictures that I post. My Flickr stream is now like a giant jukebox of stuff that i like and I am glad I have done this as it is enjoyable for me to look back at old pictures and see the music that I linked to at the time. ....So ignore the music links unless something catches your eye.


I am also keen on Spanish language and culture and am keen to make contacts that are Spanish speaking.


Intento aprender español en clases de noche. Es muy difícil para mí! Entonces me gustaría tener contactos que hablan español. Quiero una opurtunidad para practicar escribir en español. Flickr es divertido! Espero aprender español en Flickr puede ser divertido también.

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