I am 29 years old and I am an amateur photographer.

I like meeting new people and hopefully becoming


A friend gave me a small digital camera 14 years ago

and I have been trying to hone in on my skills since I

received it. I started out in film photography before I ever

touched a digital & I learned a lot from film, such as a love

for film photography and to make each shot count! :)

I am old fashion in many ways, and I learn while I am usually

taking pictures. :) I have read many facts on camera's and

the history of camera's and photography...but there is always

more to learn. Once you stop learning or desiring to learn,

you start to die, piece by piece. So I seek to learn more &

improve my skills in photography as well as in other area's of

my life. :) I am like a sponge when it comes to learning

about photography, but unfortunately with how my brain

works, I don't remember all of the technical terms & details.

So that means that I take almost all of my photos on instinct

instead of relying on what many people believe I should have

had my camera set to. Because honestly, half the time I can't

even remember how to get my camera setting to where the

shot might turn out better if I had it on a certain setting. :)

I'd like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to

comment and give advice on my photos or what I can do

to help improve my photo skills, I really appreciate it & I do try

to take pictures in the settings that people have been kind

enough to recommend to me, and that has been a

wonderful blessing & a huge help for me. to improve my

photography in many ways over the years. Thank you!

I have really enjoyed meeting all of you and getting to know

you. Thanks, you have all been Great!



I Love, being able to see all of the creativity everyone on

here has, and the ability to share with everyone who

comes to this website! Seeing other's creativity helps to

spark the creative part in myself and causes me to think

outside of the box. :)

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