In my past life, I was from the future.


While in Paris I went to an Irish Pub owned by a Chinese man. Two years later I purchased a spicy chicken hot-dog from an Amish guy in Philadelphia.


I was kicked off a horse named, “Desperado”.


My beard is going through an ongoing identity crisis.


I enjoy not understanding things, that way I have something to think about while waiting in line.


Right now, you are reading this.


I once drove 700 km for a beer run.


Sometimes I wake up laughing.


I ate pie with Lisa Loeb.


My watch watches me back.


Without the dead we would forget the importance of living – without the living, we would be dead.


There is an invisible horse in most of my pictures.


One time I was punched in the face by a two-year-old with a fist full of drool.


I like feeling foreign in a familiar place.


I have been mistaken for Zac Brown, Zach Galifianakis, an NBC Executive, and a Walmart Employee.


There is an appreciation to even the most common items when you attempt to use them as a hat.



Equipment Used: bottle opener, laptop, GPS, one carefully folded single napkin, Corel Photo Paint, three euros, 4 dollars, and one pound. Also used; Adobe paraphernalia, passports, an expired gift certificate for one slice of cheese, two pairs of shoes, a skittish drone, lens cleaner, Second Aid Kit, a camera bag secretly disguised as a Jeep, and Canon cameras of various shapes.


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darthhell says:

Yes, yes. Being a long time personal friend of this guy I can honestly say that everything you read here is true. Especially the part about all the stuff!

January 12, 2009