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Curiosity is an obvious trait in all of us, which makes people eager to investigate into veiled and undetermined issues. They say "Curiosity Killed the cat", this implies that it kills :p ... Therefore, I dedicate this page to all of the curious people over there who are eager to know who one earth is me :)


1st of all ..


My Nick Name: "DA" short for Dark_AngeL .. (you can call me both)...


2nd ..


Accept me as I am ..I have no guarantee .. A claim to perfection I have not.. Perfect I cannot be.. I like you .. IS HUMAN; Prone to make mistakes .. Failure is not a character flaw .. Just a part of the human makeup.. I live, I laugh and I also learn .. My knowledge is incomplete.. I am searching all the time, in waking hours as well as sleep.. I have a long road to travel .. as well as you do .. We learn our lessons on the way .. Wisdom we shall acrue .. Accept me as I am .. Because I am ME .. And You are YOU .. No one like me in the world .. That is my only guarantee..


Anyways last but not least I\'ll share with you all one of my biggest accomplishements from 2 years now ... I STOPPED LISTENING TO MUSIC (it feels great!).


Don\'t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique . Be what you feel.





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Mitsuki says:

DA you're shots amaze me You are an artist with all i agree Your flickr I enjoy to see Everyday when i am free :) You have it all DA .. All the best hun

October 7, 2006

Nice and amazing shots with inspiration....keep up the good work :)

September 16, 2005

You r the greatest gift from GOD to me bestie .. I wish we stay best friends forever and ever .. Luv you bestie ,, thankx for being always there for me (k) .. Miss ya ,, really miss ya *hugz* ur best friend TL *hugz* *hugz*

May 26, 2005